Manoj BasnetManoj BasnetButwal, Nepal

I am really grateful to Rainadevi International Education for their effort in grooming the students in every way so that they can build up enough confidence in tackling any difficulties regarding their subjects.

Anupa GurungAnupa GurungBhairahawa, Nepal

I am really glad that I found Rainadevi for my IELTS preparation. I found this institution very resourceful. Mr. Giriraj pandey, my IELTS instructor, is very helpful as well as supportive. Their pedagogy is what attracts students rather than marketing techniques as seen in periphery. And I love their philosophy of completing our preparations rather than the course. I assure nobody regrets after joining Rainadevi.

Sushma KCSushma KCSydney, Australia

Rainadevi is simply an example of studying IELTS in a congenial environment which helped me to build up my confidence because I found classes to be exactly what I needed. I assure that I was counseled to make the right choice for my further education in Australia. Thank you so much for your efforts in my academic career.

Indu LamichhaneIndu LamichhaneSydney, Australia

Rainadevi made whole process of IELTS much easier. I enjoyed the way of teaching and learning at this organization. My dream to study in Australia was fulfilled. It is a great place for students who are studying or want to try abroad for their higher study. I recommend Rainadevi to anyone who needs an excellent place to learn and apply for abroad studies.

Samjhana Bhandari PandeySamjhana Bhandari PandeyColchester, Essex

I feel proud to be a part of Rainadevi International Education Pvt.Ltd. In fact, selection of right institute which has modern teaching methodology and aids , availability of modern learning materials, highly qualified and well experienced instructors, and proper career counseling along with equality education under sound learning environment made me to achieve my dream. So, I personally feel that Rainadevi is the best IELTS center in Butwal.

Ravi ThapaRavi ThapaSydney, Australia

When I first chose to take IELTS classes, I had a lot of options. Finally, I went to Rainadevi International and yes it was worth it. To be honest, I had a really nice experience there. I was provided with all required materials and was guided carefully. I’m now in the country where I used to wish to be. Thanks Rainadevi.

Kamlesh GhimireKamlesh GhimireMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

I had a dream to acquire best scores in the IELTS and study abroad. Therefore I chose Rainadevi International Education for taking IELTS classes and how easily I made progressions with the huge support they provided. My Journey of Australia begun and finally got visa in hand from Rainadevi. I loved the whole team and great environment. I’m now studying in Australia, with my favorite major. Give it a try. You’ll love it too.