Owing to increasing interest in language learning and abroad studies, I found many students to have been confounded and have tended to whimsical rashes. They would wander one language center to another and would not be content. These languages, as well as counseling centers, were not actually helping students to equip with appropriate or required guidelines; rather such students would feel incompetent to face even language tests. The majority of such students would give up themselves and decline their desires. It was four years ago when I came back from the UK after the completion of my higher studies, I got myself headlong into the language instruction to keep students out of clouds of confusion. Our venture slowly stood out. As a result, this institute was established in 2013 as a language institute. We are ideally located at the heart of Butwal which is easily accessible from any corner of the city. The students who would aspire abroad studies,  English, Japanese and Korean language skills chose this institute a center for learning where they could quench their thirst for accuracy in language as well as information.

This institute has now started another student-centered service – educational consultancy. It is getting itself attuned to the growing need of students and changing modes and trends in processes of abroad studies. The way we counsel is more of a service than a business. Therefore, students do not hesitate to frequent to my chamber and are substantially guided. We deal with their language as well as process problems after we have diagnosed their level of competence and areas of confusion. Alongside our counseling, our special lingual directions go to IELTS, TOEFL and PTE classes accompanied by UKVI IELTS Life Skill Test classes. Besides, there is functional and vocational English learning to address varying needs in practice. Our students feel to have been furnished and we feel proud that the majority of such students have not dismayed but achieved their destination. We are a bit part of their success.

We welcome you to visit our web site on a regular basis to keep up to date and look forward to the opportunities that the future will bring as we continually strive for excellence for the students through our quality education and services. Thank you. “LEADING YOUR CAMPAIGN TO SUCCESS “


CEO, Rainadevi International

Giri Raj Pandey